Instrument & Articles

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The Instruments and Articles of Government is an essential document in ensuring that a college manages its business properly and that its governing body carries out its duties lawfully. It is a legally binding document determined by parliament. The most recent Instruments and Articles came into force on 1 May 2006.

The Instruments of Government: This part of the document sets out the governing body’s constitution and procedures for ensuring that it is upheld. For example, it sets down who can be a governor, what process must be followed in appointing governors and how meetings should be managed.

The Articles of Government: The Articles set down details of the College’s internal powers, its duties and its responsibilities. For example, it lists the responsibilities of the governors and details how these are different from those of the Principal. It also explains which responsibilities the governing body can delegate to the College management and which it cannot. It is one of the responsibilities of the Clerk to the Corporation to ensure that governors adhere to the requirements of the Instruments and Articles of Government in fulfilling their role.