NAEST Operational (Navigation Aids & Equipment Simulator Training) - East Coast College

Course:Navigation Aids and Equipment Simulator Training (Operational)

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£ 2000

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Candidates must:
1.Hold an absolute minimum of six months’ sea time in a deck capacity
2.Have a discharge book or other proof of the above sea-service

Course Content

This course is mandatory for candidates who want to hold a certificate of competency as officer in charge of a navigational watch in accordance with regulations A-11/1 of the STCW 78, as amended convention.

The aim of the training at this level is to equip the trainee officer with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to maintain a safe navigational watch, use electronic navigational aids to determine vessel position and use the equipment for safety of navigation in anti-collision modes.

The course has a high practical content enabling the candidate to acquire and demonstrate proficiency in the operation of specific elements of equipment in relation to the role of Watchkeeping Officer.

Candidates will be studying the principles of operation and demonstrate the practical use of:
•Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS)
•GPS and DGPS satellite positioning systems
•Echo Sounder and electronic log
•Marine Radar and ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids)
•Effective bridge watchkeeping and teamwork procedures
The course makes use of navigational equipment, ARPA and navigational simulator facilities available within the centre.
Candidates will need to bring the following instruments:
•Parallel rulers
•8″ dividers, 5″ compasses
•2B pencil, pen, eraser and notepad

Assessment is continuous throughout the course and will include:
4.Oral/written assessments