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Course:MCA Small Workboat Stability Course

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Prior to attending the course, delegates should familiarise themselves with their own vessel's stability booklet.

Prior to attending the course, delegates should read the guidance available at the following link to support their understanding of the principals of stability:

Course Content

Course content:
1. General terms in use
2. General Principles of Transverse Stability;

• Location of CoG, K, M, CoB
• Rolling and shift of CoB
• Theory of Moments, Righting levers, List & heel
• Equilibriums
3. Adding, removing and shifting weights:
• Simple calculation of transverse stability and effects on draft
• General understanding of change of trim
• Trimming moments
• Longitudinal Metacentre & LCF
• Importance of monitoring of any changes, regular checks
4. The Stability Booklet
5. Stiff and tender vessels
6. Use of cranes and shift of CoG
7. Free Surface Effect
• Tanks
• Consumption of fuel and water
• Water on deck
8. Critical KG calculations (Transverse Stability)
9. Inclining Test
10. Deck edge Immersion
11. Catamaran stability
12. Risks associated with Tug and Tow
13. Risks associated with deck cargoes
14. Wind & Ice accretion Effects

The above one-day course includes a short 45-minute written exam which tests the knowledge and understanding of the delegates. Pass mark: - Minimum 60 %