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Course:ECDIS (to IMO model 1.27)

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Candidates should ideally hold an OOW certificate of competency or be working towards. This course is intended for those who are required to hold an ECDIS certificate.

Course Content

Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS)  is widely used on an increasing number of ships, both as a primary and secondary navigation system. Proper training for navigators is vital if the safety benefits of ECDIS are to be truly realised. Knowing how to make proper use of electronic chart system is fundamental to safe navigation. This ECDIS course is approved by the MCA and its content based upon IMO model course 1.27.
The objective of the course is to ensure the proper use and operation of ECDIS thorough understanding its capabilities and limitations and will focus on the following topics:

  • Legal aspects and requirements
  • Main types of electronic charts
  • ECDIS data
  • Presentation of data
  • Sensors
  • Basic navigational functions
  • Special functions for route planning
  • Special functions for route monitoring
  • Updating
  • Additional navigational functions and indications
  • Errors in displayed data
  • Errors of interpretation
  • Status information, warnings and alarms
  • Voyage documentation
  • System integrity monitoring
  • ECDIS back-up
  • Dangers of over-reliance on ECDIS