Access VFX East Visit!


We were so lucky to have Access VFX East attend our Level 3 Film, TV and Animation Year 1 & 2 class last week!

We had HitFilm Tutor, Javert Valbarr, HitFilm Marketing Manager, Kirstie Tostevin, and VFX Compositing Coach, Ian Murphy, in our media class to promote diversity and inclusion in the VFX Industry.

They advised our students what to expect if they decide to enter the industry, they also held lots of training with our Media class on their visual effects program ‘HitFilm Pro’ for example, creating 3D models (they all had a go at creating R2-D2 from Star Wars!) and they also informed them of the careers paths in visual effects.

The visual effects industry have many jobs and careers developing all the time, with technology evolving they are always recruiting and looking for new candidates with fresh ideas to join them on their visual effects journey in film and gaming. East Coast College and the Norwich University of the Arts are the only education establishments from here to London who teach visual effects.

It was great to have industry professionals come in for the day to teach our students all about the software they could use, the skills required and the careers workflow. It was fantastic to see the breakdown of the original filming, creating the layers and the after effects of how it’s all put together.

Our students were so lucky in receiving a free copy of HitFilm Pro today that they can use in their studies and at home to enhance their skills. This was the third workshop Access VFX have done and they said our students have followed along really well, they’ve been really interested the whole time and experimenting with the software which is great. Access VFX are glad to see local communities taking a vast interest in visual effects, they are happy that their workshops give our students a chance to get started and give them a taste of the visual effects industry.

Tia Crossly, Davey Pilkington and Ricardo Fonsecca are our students that attended the workshop and this is what they had to say:

Tia Crossly: “It was really interesting workshop from the staff who work in the industry. It was very beneficial learning about how to use HitFilm Pro and they helped us make it easy for us to use. The part I enjoyed most was Rota Scoping, which is cutting images and objects out of one clip and over laying it into another.”

Davy Pilkington: “I also found the day very interesting, I have gained more in-depth editing skills and it was a good experience. I liked how it was very hands on which helped me get the grip with the software.”

Ricardo Fonsecca: “I had an appointment in the morning so turned up slightly late to the workshop, the staff helped me get on track very quickly. I really enjoyed using vehicles/cars in clips as a prop and learning how to multiply them digitally.”

Overall a fun, informative and interactive day had by all, thank you so much Access VFX!