Employers, universities and work placements love English and maths. English and maths will help you to open the door to your future. We love English and maths – so do employers, universities and colleges! Get on with English and maths – get on with your future!

Our dedicated English and maths team will support you in gaining Functional Skills qualifications and GCSEs in English and maths. We recognise that many of you may have struggled with English and maths at school and are disheartened by having to continue with these subjects at college. Luckily, we are experts at supporting learners who find it difficult and go out of our way to deliver an exciting learning experience.

To move forward with your college career, get into work or get a place at university, English and maths qualifications are vital. Not only do employers, universities and colleges want you to have 4 or above in your GCSEs, but learning the skills will make moving on to more challenging material a lot easier. All vocational courses will involve English and maths, whether in write-ups or in working out orders, so working on these skills will always make your life easier!

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English is extremely important in Automotive Studies, as the requirements of the automotive technician have evolved over the years.

Technicians at main dealerships are expected to write detailed and technical Warranty job cards to enable their company to claim the money back for the repair from the manufacturer.

At independent garages, technicians are at the forefront of customer service, often having to explain technical problems to customers without using confusing jargon, so a depth of vocabulary is key.

Reading instructional text, technical guides and bulletins are all part of the modern day technician’s role.

Some may wish to deviate away from the workshop into sales, parts and reception positions. These roles require fundamental speaking and listening, reading and writing skills to be successful and progress in that career path.

Maths and numbers are central to many tasks we all do every day and hairdressing is no exception. You’re using maths all the time as a hairdresser without even realising it.

Simple tasks such as booking appointments involve a basic grasp of how numbers work.

Managing stock accurately and ordering enough of the right products is really important.

Understanding how treatments are priced so you know what to charge customers and what change to give them is vital to our work.

Understanding quantities is an important part of any hairdresser’s job, particularly when it comes to colour treatments. And many products used in the salon are numbered to indicate their strength or colour.

Being able to section hair means having to understand shape and space. Understanding angles, lengths and shapes are key maths concepts that are the most important part of getting a haircut right.

We have a limited number of places for mature learners (19+). We have both daytime and evening sessions available.

We have had many a success story from mature learners returning to education to gain their GCSEs in English and maths. Many have gone on to university or access to university courses and many have also gone on to full-time employment.

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