Childcare certification and celebration at East Coast College


On Tuesday 20th June, East Coast College hosted a celebration and certification evening for their childcare students at Great Yarmouth campus.  It was an evening created to recognise the outstanding achievements of students across all levels of courses and included learners from 16-60 years of age.  It was well attended with over 300 guests including students and their close family and friends.

Prizes for the different student awards were donated by local businesses including:

Barrett and Coe Photography, Peel Ports, Great Yarmouth Community Trust, AC Gray Contracting, Glenfield Real Estate, Tesco, Morrisons, Savoy Catering Supplies and Quin’s Plastering

Sharing their talent and innovation, food was prepared and served by catering students at the college, under the supervision of Chef Patterson.

Special recognition was awarded to students for outstanding academic work and being best in practice.

Student of the year was awarded to:

Orianne Lee –          Level 1

Kayleigh Vince       Level 2

Tyler Bean                 Level 3 (year 1)

Sophie Gennery     Level 3 (year 2)

Maria Greenwood Level 3 Teaching assistants


It was a spectacular evening enjoyed by all!

A special thank you to Chris Hampton for photography.


Childcare Certification