The Apollo Project

The Apollo Project is a two-year workforce programme designed to address recruitment and retention challenges faced within the health and social care sector.

We can:

  • Deliver employment skills and training.
  • Support you to develop your career – upskill or transition into another role.
  • Help you gain employment within a diverse range of rewarding opportunities within the health and
    social care sector.
  • Support employers with recruitment and training of their staff.
  • Support you to deliver 21st century care.

We offer:

  • Job coaches – our experienced job coaches are available to offer support and guidance when looking for employment, helping address any gaps in your skills by providing tailored support to find work in the health and social care sector.
  • Vocational trainers – we are offering specialist courses to help you develop and enter into a career which offers so much opportunity. Follow us on social media to keep updated about our courses.
  • Support to existing Level 2 and Level 3 college students – to work alongside your course and to assist with those career aspirations and work placements.
  • Supported internships – people who may have neurodiversity or additional needs or are finding barriers into employment that have an aspiration of securing employment through work-based activities.
  • Volunteers – are you currently in a volunteer role and would like to progress? We can help and support you on this journey.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help, contact the team at, visit our website at or call 01502 525177.

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If you have any queries or are an employer interested in taking part in the Apollo programme, please get in touch with us at:

Tel: 01502 525177


If you’re looking for more information about the Apollo project, feel free to look around our website. You can also use our online form to register yourself or someone else to take part in the programme.

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