Skills Bootcamps

What are Skills Bootcamps?

Skills Bootcamps are  the Government’s new high-profile training and recruitment initiative designed to help address workforce and recruitment needs.

They last up to 16 weeks and will provide training with content mainly at Level 3 standard or above (A Level equivalent). The scheme will help employers who wish to retrain their existing staff so they can increase productivity, develop new business and/or retain staff.

They will also offer opportunities to individuals who are self-employed, and also any adult employed or unemployed, who is looking to gain new skills to enable them to progress. Everyone who undertakes the training who is unemployed or looking for a sector change will be offered an interview with an employer for a genuine job!

Who are Skills Bootcamps available to?

Skills Bootcamps are open to adults aged 19 or over, who are full-time or part-time employed, self-employed, unemployed, as well as adults returning to work after a break. Some are also open to serving prisoners due to be released within six months of completion of a Skills Bootcamp and those on temporary release.

New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (NAAME) is the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (NALEP) recognised sector group for manufacturing and engineering businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk, and are supporters of the Engineering Skills Bootcamp. They will be supporting delivery, site visits and job interviews at the end of the course.


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