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Maths and English

Maths and English are a key part of every student’s study programme. Our team of specialist maths and English staff will support you in improving your skills in these subjects and achieving your qualifications.
If you are aged 16-19 and have not achieved your English and maths qualification and programme you choose will require you to continue studying these subjects.

The Study Programme

Your programme of study will be made up of vocational sessions, English and maths, self-study, work experience and coursework. This may be complemented by trips, visits and work experience opportunities. Every element of your study programme is important and your full commitment is expected.

English and Maths Qualifications Available

 Here at East Coast College we offer English and maths at both GCSE and Functional Skills. GCSEs are level two qualifications and Functional Skills is available at different levels, starting from entry level one and progressing to level two. On achievement of a level two functional skills qualification the next step would be to study the GCSE during the following academic year.

 Our English and Maths courses are designed to:

Increase employability
Improve your English and maths abilities
Lead to studying other courses
Improve your confidence
Increase your ability to use English and maths in everyday situations

Finding Your Level

 If you already have a GCSE grade D/Level 3 you will study the GCSE as this is the Government rule.
If you have a grade E/Level 2 or lower at GCSE you will study Functional Skills. The level of study will depend on your other English and maths qualifications (if any). Once Level 2 has been achieved you must progress onto the GCSE the following academic year.
If you already have a grade C/Level 4 or above at GCSE there is no requirement to formally study any further in that subject. We will continue to support the development of your skills and English and/or maths will be incorporated into your vocational subject. Vocational courses may have a vocational maths unit, such as Engineering or IT.