Kongsberg Full Mission Ship's Bridge Simulator

The centre’s Bridge Simulation Suite consists of a realistic mock-up of a ship's bridge with all conventional controls and instruments found on a modern ship. Two secondary bridges provide additional resources to perform both parallel and integrated bridge scenarios.

Each of the bridges can be designated any one of 15 ownership models which include container vessels, fast ferry, fast naval craft, Offshore ERRV, bulk carriers etc. Movement, controls and instruments will then balance and respond exactly as the real ship.

All aspects of the ship can be controlled from the instructor station. Weather, tide, visibility and sea state can be changed and varied. Facets can be introduced, including failure of engine's steering, thrusters etc. Also included in the system is assessment software that will enable detailed evaluation of all aspects of the use of the system.

The versatility of the equipment means that both individuals and teams can be trained in basic navigation and passage planning and more advanced aspects of Bridge Team Management, Bridge Resource Management and Human Element in Leadership and Management.

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24 June 2017

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