Offshore Renewables


Lowestoft College works in partnership with the National Wind Farm Training Centre (NWFTC) and together are GWO approved to offer a one-stop training centre for people working in, or planning to enter, the wind farm industry.

95% of students that applied to university from East Coast College gained a place

Marine Transfer Training

  • 3 Hours

To provide training in the personnel marine transfer process, safety procedures, safety equipment and survival relating to transfer vessel and ...

Master Mariner 200gt Limited Oral Preparation

  • 8 days

This preparation course covers all aspects of navigational safety with an emphasis on collision regulations, operational safety, responses to emergencies ...

GWO Sea Survival module

  • 1 & 1/2 Days

The aims of this course are, by theoretical and practical training, to give participants the basic knowledge and skills to ...

GWO Basic Safety Training (Global Wind Organisation)

  • 6 Days

Lowestoft College with its partners the National Wind Farm Training Centre (NWFTC) and 3Sun Academy work together to offer a ...

Offshore Wind Emergency Management

To assist offshore wind operators and their contractors to meet current HSE legislation, to adopt industry best practice and safeguard ...

Offshore Wind Emergency Response

To support offshore wind operators and their contractors to test emergency response procedures and verify that front-line emergency response teams ...

Showcase day poster
24 June 2017

End of Year Showcase and Family Fun Day - Great Yarmouth Campus

Come to our end of year show case at our Great Yarmouth Campus. We will have exhibitions from all faculties ...

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