Navigating Galloper

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This course is for marine coordinators, technicians, control room personnel and offshore wind managers to improve their knowledge and awareness of the conditions that crew transfer vessels and work vessels encounter when working within offshore wind farms. It includes the impacts of tides, weather and sea conditions and the limitations arising from the marine environment and provides a unique opportunity to steer a vessel around a UK wind farm in the college's state of the art full mission bridge simulator.

Typical course content includes:

- An introduction to navigational charts and symbols
- An overview of tides and their impacts on CTV and vessel operations (effects of spring tides, neap tides)
- Common meteorological conditions and their impacts on CTV operations
- The Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) and its role in shipping operations
- Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) capabilities and limitations
- The Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS) and its relevance to wind farms
- Virtual trip around wind farm location in full mission bridge simulator

Actual course content is modified to meet specific wind farm locations


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