Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulators

East Coast College, Lowestoft is well equipped to provide extensive and realistic simulation of Dynamic Positioning capable vessels and operations including:

  • Kongsberg dual redundant DP2 system with 180° visuals
  • 6 Kongsberg student terminals

The above systems allow a variety of system and vessel types to be simulated in operational scenarios which can be configured to emulate almost any vessel type currently engaged in DP operations.

Using a shore-based simulator for training leads to a number of benefits for the operator, in particular a great range of case studies, operational situations and system failures can be simulated and investigated in a short period of time. Emergency situations arise rarely at sea and must be handled correctly, in a shore-based situation, a lifetime of emergencies can be simulated during the 4 day course without putting vessel or personnel in danger. Operator competence in the handling of such situations is essential if accidents and fatalities are to be avoided.


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