Course: Sociology A-Level

Study Level

Level 3

Course Code

Sociology A-Level


Sixth Form College


2 Years



If you are interested in finding out how society works and who are the winners and losers, then you should consider Sociology. At a basic level, sociology is the study of the society around us and our place within it. Studying Sociology will make you more aware of the society you are a part of and enable you to gain a valuable insight into human social behaviour.

Introduction to Sociology – Theory and Methods:

  1. Education with theory and methods – Why are girls getting better exam results than boys? How much difference do schools actually make and how? Does education make things fairer or just reproduce the inequalities in society? Does it matter what your teacher thinks of you? Why do students have to go to school anyway?
  2. Research methods with families and households – This will involve investigating a variety of issues from divorce to teenage pregnancy to cohabitation to single parent families. Are marriages becoming more equal? Is marriage going out of fashion?
  3. Beliefs in Society – Investigating why religious cults and sects emerge and why people join them and issues such as religion’s role in an increasingly less religious or secular society. Is religion dying out? Is sport the new religion? Why is religion caught up in revolutions and used to support wars or terrorism?
  4. Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods – You will examine why men commit more crimes than women and which groups of people are most likely to commit suicide. Why do some people riot and others stay home?

What We Add

  • Outstanding teaching resources and access to a wide range of study materials.
  • Opportunities for trips and visits in the UK which will give you a closer insight into different societies. We also have links to universities and may have visiting speakers.
  • You will get the opportunity to carry out your own research and become ‘proper sociologists’ – You will be able to apply your learning to your own life and the life of the college and get the chance to make a real difference.


You will need to meet the standard college entry criteria for A Level courses.


Sociology is a pathway to many careers in teaching, journalism, criminology, nursing, social work, business, the legal profession and the forces; in fact any profession where you have to deal with people and consider their backgrounds. Sociology combines well with many subjects such as psychology, English, media studies, law, politics, history, languages and art.

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