Introduction to Offshore Wind Course

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Introduction to Offshore Wind Course


Lowestoft Campus


1 Day


The objective of this short course is to introduce key elements of the UK Energy and Offshore Wind Industry to attendees and to provide basic detail against the following headings:

  • Why the Offshore Wind Industry is needed
  • How it is organised and controlled
  • Technical detail
  • Progress to-date
  • The future of the industry

This six hour course is designed with sufficient content such that the delivery can be focussed on areas of primary interest and/or relevance. It can be delivered in lecture-style or, alternatively, used as a means of introducing discussion on individual topics: the precise approach will inevitably vary according to the specific skills and background of the attendees. It will always be important to carefully consider the key information that attendees should leave the day with, and this will certainly vary from group to group.

In addition to the PowerPoint slides, notes are provided such that a useful “package” can be taken away from the course and referred to later. Exercises are also included: these are intended to provide an opportunity for attendees to think through topics for themselves and to enter into discussion with colleagues as well as enabling them to gauge how well general ideas have been understood and facts retained.


08:30 Registration and refreshments

09:00 1. Introduction

2. Why the Offshore Wind Industry is required

3. How the OWI is controlled and organised

4. Outline Technical Detail of the OWI

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch and Networking

5. Progress Made by the OWI to date

6. The future of the OWI

15:30 Close


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