Course: History A-Level

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Level 3

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History A-Level


Sixth Form College


2 Years



Put simply, History is concerned with events that happened in the past. However, it is far more than a sequence of dry facts and dates! When examining any major historical event, for example the First World War, historians seek to find out why it happened and to what extent people’s lives were changed by it. To answer these questions historians have to engage in some ‘detective’ work. They have to piece together the evidence from sources such as newspapers, speeches and lectures written at the time as well as consulting other historians’ works. The course focuses on developing these skills in order to fully understand the big events of the last two hundred years.

(AS) Unit One: Britain, 1906 – 51. You will examine the impact of key events such as the two World Wars, the major social changes, including women gaining the right to vote and the establishment of the Welfare State and the significance of famous historical figures such as Lloyd George, Ramsay Macdonald and Churchill.

(AS) Unit Two: The Cold War in Europe 1941‐95. You will examine why the global struggle between the U.S. and the Soviet Union emerged and what effects this had on the countries both in Eastern and Western Europe. You will also consider the different theories of how the war finally came to an end and what consequences this had for Europe.

(A2) Unit Three: The Challenge of German Nationalism 1789‐1919. You will examine how Germany emerged as a new nation in 1871 and consider the role played by Bismarck. In addition, you will consider what part Germany played in the events leading to World War One.

(A2) Unit Four: Coursework. You will have a choice of topics to study for your coursework which will be based on extending your knowledge of Russia. For example, For example, you can choose to study the last ever Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II or the Communist leader, Stalin or how the Cold War developed outside Europe.

What We Add

You will benefit from the latest technology at the college being able to access historical video material. Help and guidance through the virtual learning environment at any time.

Enrichment opportunities and trips, for example to London to visit such places as Churchill’s war cabinet rooms and the House of Commons.


You will need to meet the standard college entry criteria for A Level courses.


An advantage of studying History is that it is a very broad subject. Students can go onto university to continue with History or on to any number of different subjects. The study of history provides skills and understanding that are invaluable in any career.

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