Course: Games Design (Creative Media Production) BTEC

Study Level

Level 3

Course Code

Games Design (Creative Media Production)


Sixth Form College


2 Years



“Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock-n-roll.” Shigeru Miyamoto Games designers are highly trained experts in their chosen fields. How did they start?

By developing their interest in the new and exciting medium from a young age. Are you a creative person? Do you have a vivid imagination? This course will give you the academic knowledge needed to break into the industry and serves as a university preferred route towards Computer Game Design degrees.

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP – the job’s a game!” – Mary Poppins

This course is particularly suitable if you are interested in working in the fields of Games Design and Development. Knowledge and abilities in Art, Music, ICT and English are preferred but not strictly essential. A firm grasp of Maths will help tremendously as the course progresses.

This course will be a vocational course and can be studied alongside a wide range of other options including A levels and BTECs. The course is designed specifically for those students who are interested in the academic study of ‘why’ games work and how they can have a psychological effect on the player.

Due to the wide reforms of the vocational syllabus this year the final course structure will not be available until December however it is expected that the course will have similar content to the current course and will therefore mix elements of Games Design with technical skills such as 3D modelling, art and coding.

What We Add

A range of fun lesson activities, incorporating all individual students styles. The results from the department has recently been rated as one of the highest performing in the country with results in the top 10% nationally.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to constant feedback and communication with students gaining awareness of how to make progress by self and peer assessment. Students develop the confidence to discuss and participate, as well as to reflect and become responsible for own learning. Our students become independent enquirers and are constantly involved in collaboration amongst their peer groups as they would do so in industry.

Excellent facilities with hi-spec hardware and close links to UCS. A vibrant, friendly atmosphere, working as a development team. In addition, there will be opportunities for trips, for example to universities and national expos relating to the industry.


You will need to meet the standard college entry criteria for BTEC level 3 qualifications.


BTECs are widely accepted at most universities and this course would make a great starting step for anyone looking into Game Design/Production related degrees as well as into the wider industry such as game journalism and marketing. In addition to the game industry many graduates will find pathways into the IT industry as well as project management and even teaching!

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