Course: French A-Level

Study Level

Level 3

Course Code

French A-Level


Sixth Form College


2 Years



The study of a modern language at AS/A Level will allow you to be able to speak, write, read and understand your chosen language at a high level. In addition, you will explore the societies, cultures and current affairs of the countries where French is spoken.

This course, with its innovative online component, will help you develop your linguistic skills and understanding, both in class, and as an independent learner.

A new development from 2016 will be the study of a set text and a film as part of the cultural heritage as well as the study of the history, politics and current affairs of France and the French speaking world. Contemporary issues such as youth culture, employment, education, health and lifestyle and the media of the Francophone world are all studied in depth.

What We Add

  • Access to excellent facilities, including the latest recording, editing and listening technology to allow you to practice French using authentic sources.
  • Access to online newspapers, magazines and recordings for you to use.
  • Opportunities to visit the countries where French is spoken, including residential trips.


You will need to meet the standard college entry criteria for A Level courses. Additional subject entry criteria: grade C at GCSE in French.


Languages can be studied on their own for careers such as translating, interpreting and teaching. Studying a language is also extremely useful if you want to work in business, marketing, journalism, law or any career demanding good communication. You will find that being able to speak another language will give you the edge when applying for jobs as many companies have contact offices abroad. You can combine a modern language successfully with almost any other degree course.

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