Course: English Language A-Level

Study Level

Level 3

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English Language A-Level


Sixth Form College


2 Years



Our A-level English Language offers the opportunity to explore the way language works by engaging creatively and critically with a wide range of written and spoken texts.

In the first year, you will work towards the completion of the AS qualification, which will include the study of two components:

Component 1: Language and the Individual – the aim here is to introduce you to the way language is shaped by, and reflects, its audience, purpose, genre, mode and representation through the study of a wide range of texts. To enable you to identify and describe features of language and their effects, we will explore a variety of language methods, equipping you with a firm set of analytical skills and an appropriate vocabulary for language analysis.

Component 2: Language Varieties – here you will study language as it relates to its wider social and geographical contexts, considering attitudes to, and debates about, the way language is used by particular groups, in specific settings and whether or not we can say that elements of language use are gender specific. The full A-Level, completed during the second year, consists of three components which will utilise much of the learning undertaken during the AS year. Of the three, two will be examined at the end of the second year and the third will be assessed on an independently researched and written language investigation and a piece of original writing with an accompanying commentary.

Component 1: Language, the Individual and Society

Here you will study written and spoken language use, exploring the way it is informed by, and reflects, genre, purpose, audience, medium (written, spoken, electronic etc.), time and place.

Component 2: Language Diversity and Change

The aim of this area of study is to allow you to explore language diversity and change over time. You will study the key concepts of audience, purpose, genre and mode and will explore language in its wider social, geographical and historical contexts. This part of the subject content will require you to study social attitudes to, and debates about, language diversity and change.

Component 3: Language in Action

Here you will be supported to produce two pieces of writing. The first will involve you designing and conducting an investigation into a particular aspect of language. Possible areas for investigation might include:

  • Regional dialect
  • Gendered talk
  • The language of new communication technologies
  • Children’s language use
  • Norms and variations in usages of different kinds

The second allows you to create a piece of original writing, using what you have learned about language methods to write in a specific genre for a specific audience and purpose.

What We Add

Highly dedicated, supportive and experienced teachers who will do their best to make your time with us as successful and enjoyable as possible. We will also provide a range of enrichment activities – such as trips to language conferences and visiting speakers – to develop and enhance your learning.


You will need to meet the standard college entry criteria for A Level courses.


English Language prepares you for careers that require good communication skills such as publishing, journalism, management, the legal profession, teaching and many others.

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