Advanced Petroleum (Oil) Tanker Training

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Lowestoft Campus


5 Days


An MCA Approved course meeting the requirements of STCW in respect of advanced tanker safety and operations training for petroleum tank ships.

Topics include:

  • Hydrocarbon chemistry
  • Hydrocarbon hazards
  • H2S hazards
  • Tanker plant and equipment
  • Crude oil washing
  • Anti-pollution
  • Tanker operations cycle
  • Legislative requirements

The course features time on an approved Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator. An MCA Approved certificate is issued on successful completion of the course which meets the training requirement for the issue of a Dangerous Cargo Endorsement to the candidates Certificate of Competency.

Course dates:

03 – 07 September 2018

How much will it cost?

£750.00 + VAT

To book:

Call +44(0)1502 525033, email
or download a booking form and return to the email address above

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To be eligible for this assessment and to have your CoC endorsed or to be issued with a CoP for advanced training for oil tanker cargo operations you must:

(a) Have met the requirements for certification in basic training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations;

(b) While holding a basic tanker endorsement or CoP for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations, complete either:

I. At least 3 months’ approved seagoing service on oil tankers; or

II. At least 1 month of MCA-approved shipboard training on oil tankers, in a supernumerary capacity, which includes at least 3 loading and 3 unloading operations and complete the MCA/MNTB shipboard training for tanker endorsements (Oil Tankers) and submit your original completed MCA-approved training record book;

(c) Hold a current ENG1 medical fitness certificate or MCA-accepted equivalent;

(d) Successfully complete an MCA-approved MNTB advanced training programme for oil tanker cargo operations

Refer to MSN 1866 (M) and MIN 535 (M)


There will be ongoing assessment throughout the week with a written assessment on day 5.

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