Petra Vasvari

Through her time at university Petra’s determination to succeed, coupled with being a popular and supportive student meant that she was involved in many projects, including working with the East Anglian Film Network through which she worked on various collaborations, giving her some great experiences and sharing her own knowledge via a number of filmmaking projects.  She developed a wide network of UK industry contacts over a number of years which led to her being asked by ECC tutor, Guy Myhill to work with him on the set of feature film, The Goob.  And to everyone’s surprise, whilst on the set of The Goob, Petra was reunited with a friend from her home in Hungary who was cast as one of the field workers!

Guy Myhill was full of praise for Petra, “she works brilliantly as part of a team of crew and was a pleasure to have on set, she has a lot of talent and the right personality to do well in this industry”.

Following the completion of her degree and her involvement in a number of fabulous and acclaimed film projects Petra is now enjoying a working life in L.A! Working as a set designer and fulfilling her dreams, she is a shining example what can be achieved with determination and good quality education and guidance.