Oliver Bryenton

After getting his father’s help with the construction of the building, he designed the store called B-Lec Direct by himself.

It officially opened on October 14, and Mr Bryenton is now putting in the hard work to get the shop promoted to bring the customers in.

He said: “I am a fully qualified electrician after completing my electrical apprenticeship since high school, including a NVQ in electrical installation and I have been an electrical contractor working for myself over the past two years.

“I have always been quite keen on the wholesale side and there is nothing really like this in Yarmouth.

“Ever since BHS closed down, there is nowhere you can really go for lighting.
So my aim is to attract both the general public as well as local electricians and electrical contractors.”

Mr Bryenton currently runs the store by himself, but in the future is hoping to employ someone who will be able to help him out with the running of the store.

He has sacrificed a lot of time and money into developing the business. He said: “I am a big fan of Motocross, but to help fund the shop I had to sell a lot of motocross bike parts. The store was in planning from the start of the year and I am delighted that it is now open.

These things always take their time in getting your name out there so people will come and start investing in my products but it will be a challenge I will relish.”

The store has a range of more than 100 different light fixtures ranging from hanging pendants to LED lighting.

The commercial unit is located on Jones GC Way in Great Yarmouth.