Natalie Routledge

Originally she was going to go to university to do graphics illustration but decided to also apply for a job. She applied for several vacancies and was successful in her application for the visual merchandising role at Palmers department store. Natalie loves her job and has worked there for over five years. Her job includes dressing the windows regularly, dressing models, updating signage/graphics and making displays of items that are on sale. During her time at Palmers, Natalie has applied the many techniques she learned at college including: colour theming, helping design and create window schemes, using photography skills to take pictures of stock, and thinking about composition.
Every day Natalie, uses skills she has either learnt from doing the course or gained through work experience. Natalie hopes to carry on extending her abilities to design and create displays to grab the attention of new customers. The Christmas windows are a real highlight of her role and she takes a year to plan each festive display to make sure it is the best and most eye catching in the town!