Students aged 24 or over and studying a Level 3 – 6 qualification will be able to access Advanced Learner Loans to fund their education.

Advanced Learner Loans replace government grants for learners (entitlement and tuition fee remission based on benefit status). They are non-means-tested and are repayable only once the learner is earning above £21,000.

Criteria to qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan you must:

You will only be able to apply for a loan to meet the upfront costs of your qualification, which will be paid directly to the College.

The loans are not means tested or credit checked so if you meet the criteria you will be able to apply for a loan whether you are employed or unemployed.

The loan is to pay for course fees only, not for books, travel or any additional costs.

You don’t pay anything upfront for your course fees and until you are earning over £21,000, you won’t have to begin paying anything back (certain criteria apply).

If your loan is to cover the fees for an Access to Higher Education course and your progress to complete a university-level (higher education) course, you will not have to pay back your Advanced Learner Loan.

More information visit for full details and official information.

Anyone who been accepted for an Advanced Learner Loan can apply for discretionary support with travel and childcare. This is means tested.

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