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It is the responsibility of the Corporation to strategically determine the education character of the College and to ensure that the resources that it is responsible for are used effectively efficiently and with probity. This means that there are a wide range of issues to be considered from teaching for learning strategies to personnel planning and financial budgeting and forecasting.

To help members of the Corporation carry out these responsibilities and duties more effectively sub-committees, some a statutory requirement, have been established to concentrate on specific aspects of College life. They enable members to use their skills and knowledge to review, monitor and evaluate issues in depth so that appropriate action can be taken, and relied on, by the board as a whole.

Here is a list of the committees along with the Terms of Reference for each one:

Audit     Audit Committee Terms of Reference  
Governance and Remuneration Committee Governance and Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference 
Finance and Resources Committee Finance and Resource Committee Terms of Reference 
Curriculum, Quality and Standards Committee Curriculum, Quality and Standards Committee Terms of Reference


Lowestoft College also has LOWES Ltd – a company which specifically deals with all commercial activity (non LSC funded) carried out by the College.

Please click on the document Committee Composition 2015/16 for a full composition (membership) for each committee.


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